A Deus is the Hymn of Granas. In Grandia II, it is sung by Elena. The song and lyrics are in Portuguese, but many of the words use Japanese pronunciation or are mispronounced. For example, the word "milagre" is pronounced "Mi Ra Gu Ri".


Nascer do sol, palavras, milagre

Água pura, uma lágrima

Paz, luz, amor...

Fruto agreste, respiração, liberdade

Harmonia, vento da benção, agradecimento...

Tempestade, inquietação, escuridão

Luz do sol, alegria, graças a Deus...


The rising sun, words, miracle (The first three words, literally taken, are "Birth of the sun". This could have some symbolic meaning?)

Pure water, a tear

Peace, light, love...

Wild fruit, breathing, freedom (Agreste cannot be translated straight into English, it usually refers to a desertic, rough savanna-like land and is less commonly used to refer to the countryside. Liberdade could be translated as liberty in this context as well.)

Harmony, blessing wind, thanks... (Vento da benção can both mean 'blessing wind' or 'wind of the blessing'. Translating 'agradecimento' as 'thanks' works, but the original implies some degree of respect and would be more at place being used in this way during the 19th century. Alternatively, 'agradecimento' could be meant as 'thankfulness'.)

Storm, unquietness, darkness

Sunshine, happiness, thanks to God (Literally, 'thanks be to God')


The name literally means "To God" in Portuguese. "At God" or "For God" are also possible translations which are fitting, since Elena usually tilts her head skyward, or towards a statue of Granas when singing. Figuratively, "adeus" also means "Farewell" in Portuguese. This could be taken as foreshadowing to the revelation of Granas' death, and the world eventually discarding the religion built around him.

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