The Abandoned Building is an area in Grandia: Parallel Trippers. Located on the School site, the building which is highly dangerous is forbidden to enter by anyone at the school.

Yuuhi and Mizuki follow Shirou into the Abandoned Building in hope of getting back Yuuhi's stolen video game. After confronting Shirou all three are swallowed by a portal leading to the Grandia world.


Upon entering the building a startled Mizuki suggests that Yuuhi and herself split up to search for Shirou. Yuuhi searches the north of the building and finds his stolen video game, but immediately hears Mizuki scream for help.

Yuuhi finds Mizuki trying to avoid being sucked into a portal and he tries to pull her free. The struggle is ultimately for nothing as both he and Mizuki are swallowed and teleported to another world.


  • Miracle Drink
  • Bitter Medicine
  • Clay

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