The ruins of Agear

Agear is a small, walled town which has been almost completely destroyed by monsters. There is little left except the inn run by Vyx the innkeeper, a General Store, and soldiers to fight the monsters from the Durham Cave. After the player chooses to cross the Granacliffs on the Skyway, the player cannot return to this location.


The Inn - A small inn where travellers can rest and eat.

Durham Cave - A deep, dark cave filled with vile monsters and the odd squirrel-like Carros.

General Store - A place to buy items.


It is in Agear that Ryudo and Elena meets Roan who, at the time, was looking for his mother's medal which was stolen by monsters living in Durham Cave after their first day of traveling. Roan was traveling with circus performers when he lost the medal. He tries to reason with both the circus performers and Ryudo, but his request gets rejected. Elena tries some Kuko Berries afterwards, and then passes out. Ryudo tries to rest at the inn when Millenia appears. Later on, Ryudo and Millenia had to rescue Roan from the cave because he had bravely ventured in alone.


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