"Restores HP to party a whole lot"

Alhealer+ is a recurring Water spell in Grandia. It often appears as an advanced Water-elemental spell that heals a large amount of HP to the entire party.



Alhealer+ is a Level 3 magic spell that is learned when a characters Water level reaches level 20. Alhealer+ recovers a large amount of HP from all party members and increases exp in Water-elemental magic. Alhealer+ costs 12 MP to use and can be used in and outside of battle.

Grandia XtremeEdit

Alhealer+ is a spell that recovers a large amount of HP from all party members. It costs 36MP to cast. Alhealer+ can be cast when a character is equipped with the Life or Holy Eggs.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

099 Alhealer PT
"All allies recover 140 HP"

Alhealer+ is an Action Card that recovers a large amount of HP from all allied party members but not the user. It costs 80AP to cast and has an initial effect level of 140HP. Alhealer+ is dropped by Leviathan.

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