The Alqada are a race of living beings from Grandia. Alqada live in the bustling town of Zil Padon on the East Elencia continent. The Alqada, along with the Mogay and the Rafane live in Zil Padon together but are known to be hostile to one another. The Alqada are salespeople in Zil Padon and are often selling numerous goods or services within the town.


The Alqada people originally lived in their own village but were forced to move to Zil Padon after their home was turned to stone by Gaia prior to the party coming to Elencia. The location of their village is unknown but it is somewhere in the vicinity of Zil Padon. The Alqada now live in their own third of Zil Padon separate from the Mogay and Rafane sub-towns.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Alqada people appear very differently from each other and it is possible that they all come from different lineages, in spite of this theory, two different Alqada are seen as brothers. They are naturally born sales people but their products are not always appreciated, especially by the upper class Rafane people.

Notable AlqadaEdit

AlqadaReceptionist Zil Padon Receptionist - An Alqada responsible for manning the reception desk at the Alqada hotel.

Olva relaxed Olva - A local fortune-teller with a tent in the Alqada section of town.


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