Ancient City
The Ancient City is a location in Grandia: Parallel Trippers. The Ancient City is the main base of operations in the game and where many characters dwell.

It is the first location Yuuhi and friends visit in the Grandia world and is revisited several times during the games events and side quests. Underneath the city lies the Cave of Trials which leads to the White Tower, the cave can only be accessed after the player has obtained three keys unlocking it.

The townsfolk who reside in the Ancient City will offer gameplay tips to those who speak to them.


The Ancient City can be exited from the south, east and west, in addition to the, the entrance to the Cave of Trials lies to the bottom of the city. The city is surrounded by water and narrow paths are used to traverse the city.

Liete's Sanctuary
Liete Sanctuary

Liete Sanctuary Entrance

Liete's Sanctuary is the main base of operations in the Ancient City, it is visited several times throughout the game and contains several items which can only be obtained after collecting the relevant Pinky Skill.

Card Generator

The card generator lies to the western side of the city, inside the player can pay 50 coins in exchange for a randomly generated card.

Card Shop
Card Shop

Card Shop

The card shop lies above the card generator in the western side of the city. Inside, the player can sell cards as well as buy a randomly generated platinum card.

Cave of Trials

The entrance to the Cave of Trials lies to the south of the city. This can only be access after the player completes the mission in the Tranquil Sea and obtains the three keys.


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