Baal (3)
7000 6810 0
Str Vit Wit Agi
180 78 125 80
Weapon Effectiveness
Sword Mace Axe
- - -
Projectiles Whip Knife
- - -
Elemental Effectiveness
Fire Icon
Wind Icon
Water Icon
Earth Icon
Resistant Resistant Resistant Resistant
Lightning Icon
Blizzard Icon
Forest Icon
Explosion Icon
Resistant Resistant Resistant Resistant
Location Gaia
Class Gaia Manifestation
Items Dropped None
Grandia Boss
See also: Baal

Baal is a boss from Grandia. In his final encounter, he is encountered inside Gaia, the final dungeon of the game. Baal appears alongside two Gaia Tentacles and Gaia Cyst which together form the whole monster. Baal has the ability to cast Gaia Tail and Grand Cross.

Battle StrategyEdit

Most importantly, you will not be able to return to the save point after this battle but that does not mean you should conserve all your SP and MP. Baal has some devastating attacks and you should throw your most powerful moves at him.

Baal has a resistance to all magic types but your most powerful magic can still deal hefty damage to him. Liete can be designated as a healer if you are struggling with this battle.

Related EnemiesEdit

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