Big Caterpillar
Big Centipede
Level HP AP Atk
5 37 100 107
Def M. Atk M. Def Agi
101 20 63 50
Skill Levels
Fire Icon PT Water Icon PT Wind Icon PT
- 10 -
Earth Icon PT Icarian Icon PT Dark Icon PT
- - 10
Knife Icon PT Sword Icon PT Mace Icon PT
10 10 -
Axe Icon PT Whip Icon PT Projectile Icon PT
- - -
Location Tree Sea
Class Insect
Steal Enhancer
Grandia: Parallel Trippers Enemy

The Big Centipede is an enemy in Grandia: Parallel Trippers. It can be found in the in Tree Sea and is one of the first enemy encounters in the game. Big Centpedes have the ability to cast Water, Dark, Knife and Sword attacks.

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