Brinan Plateau

Justin and the party explore the Brinan Plateau

The Brinan Plateau is a cold, mountainous region in Grandia located on the Eastern Elencia continent.

The mountain range is located between the Savanna Wilderness in the north, the Luzet Mountains in the east and the village of Laine in the south. Crossing the mountain range is the only way to access the snony village.

Brinan Plateau is split into two areas, the North Brinan is a slightly warmer area which is covered in dirt and trees in addition to a giant ice lake. The southern range is completely covered in thick snow and ice.


Justin, Feena, Rapp and Milda travel through the Brinan Plateau on their way to speak to The Three Wise Men of Laine. The party use giant snowballs to access hidden items and must destroy large chucks of ice to make it across the mountainous regions.

After falling from the Grandeur and being rescued by the Manta, Justin, Feena, Rapp and Guido crash land in the Northern Brinan Mountains. They decide camp here until Feena wakes from her sleep. Once she is awake the party decide to travel through the mountains to Laine to present the Knowledge Medal to Dorlin, hoping he can show them the way to Alent.




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