Climbing down from a tree stump in Cafu

The Village of Cafu is a bustling town in the north of the East Elencia continent in Grandia. It is located in the center of the Virgin Forest and north of the Zil Desert. Cafu is the hometown of Rapp and Nicky.

The Village of Cafu was originally located further north but the village and surrounding forest was turned to stone by Gaia. After the incident, the Cafunians moved the village to a safer location.


After the incident involving the tower, the citizens became very wary of outsiders, refusing most to not even enter the front gate. They only allow non-village members who are close confidants with a citizen as far as the front gate to the village, but allow them use of the inn and weapons store. The town does not allow Lainians into the village at all due to the old rivalry between the two cultures.

The people of Cafu are characterized by thier rugged look and deep tans along with thier swiftness and agility. The people are scavengers and hunters who rely little on outside resources or trading with other villages. The general clothing is organic and made from the hides of animals or the various flora around the surrounding forest.

Most of the architecture is tropical in nature with houses made out of huge plants or gourds. The various walkways are made of bamboo and huge leaves that serve as doors and windows.



Interactive MapEdit

Cafu, Elencia

Cafu, Elencia

Created by Orc KingCreated by Orc King

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