Cafu Elder serious
"Still the same stubborn Rapp, eh? You sure have your father's blood."
―Cafu Elder[src]
The Elder of Cafu, and Rapp's grandfather. Although a good man, his tendency to adhere to his village's rules under all circumstances causes a rift between him and Rapp.


Justin and Feena first meet the Cafu Elder when they arrive at Cafu, he doesn't like the idea of them entering the village as they look very similar to the members of the Garlyle Forces who seemed to have destroyed Old Cafu but is willing to make an exception on the grounds that they are Rapp's guests.

Cafu Elder Speech

After returning from the Garlyle Base, the Cafu Elder refuses Milda entrance to Cafu due to her being from Laine, much to dismay of his grandson, Rapp. After the Garlyle Forces invade Cafu, the elder decides to turn a blind eye on the rules and allow all characters to enter and save the village.

The next day, the elder informs Rapp and the characters that the villagers have decided that not just Milda, but Justin and Feena must leave Cafu for good, explaining that it is the for the sake of protecting the village.


  • The Cafu Elder follows his village's laws very religiously, he sees the destruction of New Cafu as a result of the laws being broken

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