The Cafunians are a race of humanoids from Grandia. Cafunians live in the small village of Cafu on the East Elencia continent. The residents of Cafu are very fearful of those from outside their village, they believe that bad luck may befall their people if outsiders are allowed to visit the village.


The Cafunian people originally lived in a village slightly north of their in game settlement, they were forced to move to the new Cafu after their home was turned to stone by Gaia prior to the party coming to Elencia.

During the games events, Rapp, a young Cafunian allows Justin and Feena into the village as guests despite the protests from several fellow villagers. Milda, a Lainian is later prevented from entering the village by the elder.

The Cafunians are later attacked by the Garlyle Forces and the elder decides that only Cafunians can enter the village from now on.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Cafunian people appear very similar to other humanoids from Elencia in that they have pointed ears sprouting from the side of their heads. The Cafunians have a fear for those from outside the village and an anger towards both short eared humans and Lainians.

Notable CafuniansEdit


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