The Church of Granas is an organization in Grandia II revolving around the worship of the entity Granas. The church was founded thousands of years ago when Granas arrived on the planet. It was heavily involved in the Battle between good and evil. During the course of the game, the party encounters several members of the Church:

Pope Zera is the spiritual leader of the Church. An apparent caring man who assigns Ryudo the task of finding the Granasaber to kill the pieces of Valmar. It is not revealed until late in the game, but Zera is actually the main antagonist. He assigned Elena the task to absorbing the pieces under the ruse that he would destroy them. However, he is actually planning to revive Valmar, as Granas is dead and the world is headed to disaster. The party eventually defeats Zera inside of the revived Valmar.

Selene: Is a priestess of the Church and Zeras right hand. She is overly zealous of her position, and is a little crazy. She revives the Body of Valmar when the group finds the Granasaber, and becomes the Heart of Valmar, revealing she was possessed by it all along.

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