Crimson Claw
Crimson Claw
Level HP MP SP
30 1230 0 170
31 41 28 65
Def Mov Act M.Def
212 71 92 108
Elemental Effectiveness
Blizzard II
Earth II
Explosion II
Fire II
- Resistant - -
Forest II
Lightning II
Water II
Wind II
- Weak - -
Location Cecile Reef / Grail Mountain
Items Dropped Patience Nut / Blessing Scroll
Grandia II Enemy

The Crimson Claw is an enemy in Grandia II. It can be found in the Cecile Reef and on Grail Mountain. Crimson Claws have the ability to cast Move Block Step.

Battle StrategyEdit

Watch out for Crimson Claws double attack and this match should be easy. Crimson Claws have a higher defense than anything faced up until this point but this shouldn't cause many issues.

Related EnemiesEdit

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