Crimson Tail
Crimson Tail
Level HP MP SP
36 9800 ?? ??
250 1200 300 1000
Def Mov Act M.Def
?? ?? ?? ??
Elemental Effectiveness
Blizzard II
Earth II
Explosion II
Fire II
- - - -
Forest II
Lightning II
Water II
Wind II
- - - -
Location Cecile Reef
Items Dropped Soul Egg
Grandia II Boss

The Crimson Tail is a boss from Grandia II. It is encountered on the Cecile Reef. The Crimson Tail appears alongside another Crimson Tail and has the ability to cast Scissors Storm and Phantom Echo.

Battle StrategyEdit

This boss fight should be the easiest you have faced so far, focus on one of the enemies and hit it with your strongest attacks. When you have defeated one you can use one character to cancel the others attacks.

Related EnemiesEdit

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