Curator face

The curator of the Baal Museum in Parm. He knows a great deal about the ancient Angelou civilisation and has restored a number of artifacts, which he now exhibits in the museum. He is the local expert on Angelou and therefore Justin often comes to him for information on this subject.


We first see the curator when Justin goes to the museum to pick up his Spirit Stone - he left it there for the curator to analyse. The curator has just restored a statue of an Icarian and he talks to Justin about it. After he leaves the room, Justin manages to break the statue but, when he eventually tells the curator, he does not believe him! The curator then gives Justin a Letter of Introduction which will allow him to enter the Sult Ruins excavation site to furthur his knowledge of Angelou. After leaving the museum, Justin hears the curator shouting because he has discovered his destroyed statue - Justin dares not go back in for a while.

It is possible to talk to the curator again the morning you leave for the New World. The curator forgives Justin for what he did.

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