A screenshot of the minigame

Deck Swabbing is a minigame available in Grandia while on the Steamer to New Parm. As apprentice sailors, Justin and Sue are charged with swabbing the deck each morning. Justin and Sue are encouraged to improve their completion time for the job in order to earn approval of their supervisor and, if they are quick enough, small payment. In order to earn the 25G reward, Justin needs to finish in under 26 seconds.

The game itself gives a large section of dirty deck, which must be cleaned in straight lines. In order to increase speed, Justin must increase his power output to a high level without exceeding the end of the power bar. If he does so, his power and speed resets and he must build up speed again.

Sue is swabbing the deck at the same time but is not controlled by the player and will slowly work her way through one line of dirt.

The Deck Swabbing minigame also makes an appearance in Grandia Digital Museum. The format is identical but this time the players' time is recorded and ranked against five other completion times.

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