Desert Lord
Desert Lords
7887 7836 5
Weapon Effectiveness
Sword Mace Axe
- - -
Projectiles Whip Knife
- - -
Elemental Effectiveness
Fire Wind Water Earth
- - - -
Lightning Blizzard Forest Explosion
- - - -
Location Zil Desert
Class Scorpion
Items Dropped All-Around Seed /

Robe of the Sun

Grandia ReDux Enemy

The Desert Lord is an enemy unique to Grandia ReDux that replaces the Scissorlock in the Zil Desert. In the typical ReDux fashion, it is significantly more powerful than the Scissorlock, but moreso than any other enemy in the game; it has been upgraded to boss status and absolutely cannot be engaged upon first meeting it, as it will easily wipe the party.


The Desert Lords are alluded to several times in Disc 2, with multiple sources hinting at their power and suggesting that they are to be escaped from rather than engaged in combat.   In previous revisions of ReDux when Rapp still had DethSword and its 100% Sudden Death rate, it was possible to farm Desert Lords for incredibly high amounts of EXP and possible rare drops of stat-up seeds and Robe of the Sun. The latest revisions, however, have replaced DethSword with Lethality, a single-hit Skill that inflicts higher damage, and as such Desert Lords are once again nigh-impossible to defeat before reaching at least the Tower Of Temptation.

Battle StatsEdit

From the ReDux Blogspot, Desert Lord stats on the left, original Scissorlock bracketed:

HP: 7887*(275), Str: 466*(116), Vit: 320*(68), Wit: 450*(63), Agi: 70*(23)

Unknown: 1500

Level 70, Exp: 7836*(65) ,GP: 5*(76), All Around Seed - 25%, Robe of the Sun - 3%

Number of Attacks: 1 Range: 2


  • Desert Lord is also the name of another powerful enemy in Grandia III.

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