"Ups defense of entire party w/earth"

Diggin' is a recurring Earth spell in Grandia. It raises the defense of the target by one stage. Diggin' often affects all party members but occasionally only targets a range of allies.



Diggin' is a Level 1 magic spell and is the default Earth spell. Diggin' increases the defense of all party members by one stage. Diggin' costs 1MP to cast and can be cast by Roadcrawler.

Grandia IIEdit

"Ups defense with the power of earth"

Diggin' is a magic spell that increases the defense of all allies. It costs 4MP to cast and 60MC to initially learn. Diggin' has a very shallow growth rate and requires 330MC to grow to its maximum level.

Diggin' can be learned from the Fairy, Holy, Mist and Star Eggs.

Grandia IIIEdit

Diggin' is a Earth spell that boosts the defense and resistance of all party members by 40%. It costs 8MP to cast.

Diggin' can be extracted from the Booster Egg.

Boost Level 0 Boost Level 1 Boost Level 2 Boost Level 3
Duration 45 Seconds 50 Seconds 56 Seconds 68 Seconds
Preparation Time 2.5 Seconds 1.75 Seconds 1.25 Seconds 1.00 Seconds

Grandia XtremeEdit

Diggin' is a spell that boosts the defense of a circle of allies. It costs 5MP to cast. Diggin' can be cast when a character is equipped with the Stone, Booster or Protect Eggs.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

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