Dom Ruins Chasm

The party observes the giant chasm running through the middle of the ruins

The Dom Ruins are ancient Angelounian ruins in Grandia located in the south east of the Elencia continent. The Dom Ruins are situated south of the Misty Forest and south-east of the Rangle Mountains and unlike the Sult Ruins in Messina are not buried underground although some structures are partially buried.

The Dom Ruins were originally a destination available for visit by members of the Adventurer's Society but this privilege was removed by Pakon, who deemed the ruins too dangerous for anyone.


Justin, Sue and Feena visit Dom Ruins on their journey and meet Liete in the depths of the ruins in a similar manner to how she appeared at the Sult Ruins. She tells Justin he must cross the End of the World to continue his journey to Alent.




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