"I remember, I.... Who am I? Where AM I anyway?"

Dorlin is a non-playable character in Grandia. He is one of the three Wise men of Laine. He is extremely knowledgeable about Alent and the ancient civilization of Angelou but unfortunately when the party first visits him he has lost his horn. Justin must go to the Abandoned Laine Village to get the horn back.

Other AppearancesEdit

Grandia Parallel TrippersEdit

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Dorlin PT
Dorlin makes an appearance as a playable character in Grandia Parallel Trippers who joins in the Ancient City after finding his missing Horn inside the Mechanical City. Although his stats are well rounded, he is primarily a magic user as he can only wield mace skills whereas Dorlin has the power to possess all magic variations bar Dark and Icarian magic.

Non-Grandia AppearancesEdit

Picotto KnightsEdit

Wise Men PK

Dorlin appears as a playable cocoroid in the Game Arts developed, online action RPG, Picotto Knights on PlayStation Vita. Dorlin and the other Grandia characters are available to download as additional content within the game.

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