Name Dragon Cut
Japanese Name 竜陣剣 (Ryuujinken) "Dragon Circle Sword"
Type Skill
Level Requirements Sword 16, Fire 6, Earth 7
SP Cost 45
Power (STR%) 250
Execute Time 120
Effect None
Element Explosion
Target All
Critical Chance 50
IP Knockback 5000
Experience Gain 20
Dragon Cut

Dragon Cut is an ability that Gadwin has initially, and can later be taught to Justin.

Dragon Cut is an explosive attack which deals damage to all enemies in combat. When facing Gadwin for the first time, he'll use it against you which automatically allows him to win the duel, due to dealing unstoppable amounts of damage. After defeating Gadwin in the second duel, Justin will be taught the ability.

Dragon Cut is a recurring ability within the Grandia series, otherwise known as Dragon Slash.

Characters who learn this ability:

Justin Gadwin

ReduxLogoChanges in ReDuxEdit


Power (STR%) 200
Execute Time 80
Critical Chance 20%
IP Knockback 0
Experience Gain 8

In Grandia ReDux, Dragon Cut is both weaker and alike most other abilities which deal damage to all enemies, no longer causes IP knockback.

Dragon Cut is still very powerful against groups of enemies who are weak to magic, or to the fire and earth elements. In addition, for a skill which deals damage to all enemies, it also has a rather low SP cost. When accompanied with other abilities such as WOW! or "Fight!" Cheer, Dragon Cut is very useful.

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