Dragonoid II
Level HP MP SP
26 960 50 80
32 31 42 63
Def Mov Act M.Def
182 94 93 132
Elemental Effectiveness
Blizzard II
Earth II
Explosion II
Fire II
- - - -
Forest II
Lightning II
Water II
Wind II
- - - -
Location Raul Hills / Cyrum Castle - Secret Passage / Underground Plant
Items Dropped Seed of Power / Flame Stone
Grandia II Enemy

The Dragonoid is an enemy in Grandia II. It can be found in the Raul Hills, in the secret passage under Cyrum Castle and in the Underground Plant. Dragonoids have the ability to cast Fireball and Burnflame.

Battle StrategyEdit

Dragonoids have a strong defense against both magic and physical attacks so if you are struggling you may need to use your special attacks.

Related EnemiesEdit

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