Durham Cave

Ryudo and Millenia explore Durham Cave

The Durham Cave is a location in Grandia II. The entrance can be found in the border mountains of Agear Town on the continent of Silesia. The Durham Cave is home to the Durham Minotaur.


Ryudo and Millenia enter the Durham Cave for two reasons: They have to slay the monster threatening Agear Town to continue their journey and they want to rescue the boy Roan, who has ventured into the cave alone in search for his stolen medal.

Ryudo and Millenia find Roan halfway inside the cave, where he's being attacked by three Troglodytes. They defeat the Troglodytes, rescuing the boy out of danger, but Roan still insists on getting his medal back. Millenia decides to take him along.

The three of them venture on deeper into the cave, where they finally encounter the Durham Minotaur. After a ferocious battle against the creature, Millenia uses a strong spell to deliver the coup de grâce. In triumph she refers to herself as the Wings of Valmar, shocking Ryudo with this revealment. Roan, however, takes back his medal from the burnt corpse of the Minotaur. The three leave the cave and return to Agear, where Millenia changes shape and becomes Elena again.



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