End of the World
"Reduces all enemies to nothingness"

End of the World is a recurring Icarian spell in Grandia. It appears as a special move that can only be cast by Icarians. The spell deals extreme amounts of damage to all foes and appears as the most powerful spell available to players.



End of the World, shortened to World End in the Action Menu is a Level 3 magic spell that is learned when a Feena's Fire level reaches level 27. End of the world deals 999 non-elemental damage to all enemies and costs 33MP to use. This spell can only be learned after the events of the Zil Padon Ruins.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

152 World End PT
"No attribute damage to all foes"

End of the World, shortened to World End in the Action Menu is an Action Card that inflicts non-elemental damage to all enemies. It costs 100AP to cast and inflicts an increasing amount damage with successful usage. End of the World is not dropped by any monsters and can only be found in two chests located in the Mechanical Empire and the Volug Volcano.

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