Fallen, also known as Death, Knocked Out or KO, is the status condition a character is in when their Hit Points deplete to zero. Whenever this occurs, the character is no longer able to act in battle. The condition is often recovered with the use of the Resurrect spell or with a Yomi's Elixir.

A character who has fallen in battle is not to be confused with when a character actually dies within the story, where use of such aforementioned items and spells won't revive the character.

See also: Game Over


When a character has fallen, they will collapse and lie down on the ground in a state similar to unconsciousness. This trend, starting in the original Grandia and continues on through the rest of the series. Upon being knocked out a character will usually let out a groan or phrase expressing that they cannot battle any longer. Knocked Out will only result in a Game Over if all party members on screen are wiped out.

Healing and PreventionEdit

The magic spell Resurrect and the items Resurrect Potion and Yomi's Elixir can revive a fallen character. In addition, a character can be revived when accessing Save Points or by resting in certain areas.

The fallen status can be prevented by the use of items such as Crimson Potions and recovery magic such as Heal and Alheal. Also, bestowing a character with a Revival Stone will automatically revive them in the case that they fall in battle.

After BattleEdit

In most games, a character will remain incapacitated after a battle end. However, in Grandia: Parallel Trippers the fallen character will be brought back to life after battle with full HP.

Sudden DeathEdit

Some skills or magic inflict Sudden Death regardless of current HP. Such abilities include Deathsword and Erebos. Bosses are usually immune to Sudden Death. The only way the player can prevent Sudden Death is with equipment that offer protection against it such as the Sudden Death Charm or the Spirit Helmet.

On EnemiesEdit

Causing an enemy to fall usually results in the award of experience as well as other rewards. A player must often defeat all enemy units before any reward can be gained.

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