Field Base

Justin and the party explore the Field Base

The Field Base is a remote army camp commanded by the Garlyle Forces in Grandia. The base is located within the Luzet Mountains near Zil Padon on the Eastern Elencia continent.

The base itself is visited in the later stages of the game and holds gold, items and a shop to purchase a variety of wears.

Justin, Feena, Rapp and Liete are transported to the base by the Lyonlot after Gaia is reborn. It is where Leen and Mullen convince Feena to use their powers to destroy the Spirit Stones and Gaia itself.



Item Price
Battle Saber 31,500G
General's Staff 35,000G
Warrior's Mail 10,000G
Charisma Helm 23,800G
Battle Helm 5,500G
Battle Boots 4,800G
Amulet of Relief 7,000G
Combat Anklet 4,000G
Elite Badge 15,000G
Rescue Set 1,200G
Eye Drops 600G
Smelling Salts 100G
Paralysis Ointment 100G
Culture Medium 240G
Lightning Scroll 1,650G
Hand Grenade 200G

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