Field Base

Justin and the party explore the Field Base

The Field Base is a remote army camp commanded by the Garlyle Forces in Grandia. The base is located within the Luzet Mountains near Zil Padon on the Eastern Elencia continent.

The base itself is visited in the later stages of the game and holds gold, items and a shop to purchase a variety of wears.

Justin, Feena, Rapp and Liete are transported to the base by the Lyonlot after Gaia is reborn. It is where Leen and Mullen convince Feena to use their powers to destroy the Spirit Stones and Gaia itself.




Item Abbreviation Description Buy
Ring Amulet of Relief +15 defense Restores HP in combat 7000 G
Ring Combat Anklet +20 attack Effuses power 4000 G
Ring Elite Badge +33 action Has two stars 15000 G
Tonic Rescue Set Restores 120 HP to entire party 1200 G
Tonic Eye Drops Awakens 1 friend from sleep 600 G
Tonic Smelling Salts SM SALTS Cures confusion in 1 friend 100 G
Tonic Paralysis Ointment PARA OINT Cures paralysis in 1 friend 100 G
Tonic Culture Medium Causes plague in a range of enemies 240 G
Scroll Lightning Scroll 150 HP lightning range attack 1650 G
Bomb Hand Grenade 30 HP fire range damage 200 G


Weapon Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Sword Battle Saber BAT SABER +48 attack A huge sword 31500 G
Rod General's Staff GEN STAFF +55 attack Restores HP in attacks 35000 G


Armor Abbreviation Stats Description Buy
Armor Warrior's Mail WAR MAIL +32 defense +3 move block resistance 10000 G
Helmet Charisma Helm +26 defense +30 action 23800 G
Helmet Battle Helm BATL HELM +23 defense +3 magic block resist 5500 G
Boot Battle Boots BAT BOOT +20 defense Prevents sudden death 4800 G