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GadZap!, sometimes stylized as GadZap or Gad Zap, is a recurring Lightning spell in Grandia. It was regarded as one of the most powerful non-Icarian spells in the early series by dealing massive amounts of damage to a single target.



GadZap! is a Level 3 magic available only to Justin and Liete. This spell requires a Fire skill of 19 and Wind skill of 15 to learn and uses 13 MP to cast. Upon cast, a barrage of lightning bolts smites a single enemy for critical magic damage. The optional boss Lord's Ghost also uses this spell as one of his strongest attacks, potentially knocking out an unprotected party member with it.

Grandia: Parallel TrippersEdit

GadZap! reappears as an Action Card in Parallel Trippers.

Grandia IIEdit

Grandia IIIEdit

Grandia XtremeEdit

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