Gaia Demon
Gaia Demon
426 293 316
Str Vit Wit Agi
170 85 163 80
Weapon Effectiveness
Sword Mace Axe
- - -
Projectiles Whip Knife
- - -
Elemental Effectiveness
Fire Icon
Wind Icon
Water Icon
Earth Icon
- Weak Weak Weak
Lightning Icon
Blizzard Icon
Forest Icon
Explosion Icon
- Weak Weak Weak
Location Savanna Wilderness/Gaia
Class Scorpion
Items Dropped N/A
Grandia Enemy

The Gaia Demon is an enemy from Grandia. It can be found in the Savanna Wilderness after Gaia's attack and inside Gaia itself. Gaia Demons may appear alongside Gaia Scorpions, Gaia Slugs and Gaia Cancer and have the ability to cast Quick Quills.

Battle StrategyEdit

Gaia Demons are quick and are very strong, fortunately they have a strong weakness to Earth based magic. Justin's Dragon Cut will dispatch these with ease but the player may want to save SP for the impending boss battle.

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