Garlyle base

Garlyle Base's main tower.

The Garlyle Base is the main base of operations for the Garlyle Forces in Grandia. The base is located in the north of the Elencia continent beyond the Herb Mountains.

Justin, Sue and Feena are captured outside the Dom Ruins and are taken to the base by the Garlyle Forces. The party eventually escape via train. The Elencia train line departs from the Garlyle Base and passes through the Misty Forest and beyond. It is unknown where the train terminates.


Justin, Sue and Feena are initially captured by the Garlyle Forces when trying to leave the Dom Ruins. The party are brought by tank to the base to be executed after saving the young humanoid boy, Rem who is also recaptured by the Garlyle Forces. Lieutenant Leen helps Justin escape his cell who in turn frees Feena and Sue.

After exploring the Garlyle Base and picking up many military treasures, Justin and the party encounter Saki, Nana and Mio along with many Privates. After defeating the sergeants the party escape on the Military Train and depart in the middle of the Misty Forest.




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