Garmia Tower as seen at night

Garmia Tower is a location in Grandia II. The tower is located in the Black Forest in the northern part of the Silesia continent. It is a mysterious tower constructed before The Battle of Good and Evil.


Elena and other Sisters of Granas from Carbo Village are to perform a ceremony of sealing within Garmia Tower, while Ryudo, a Geohound hired by the local church to escort Elena to the tower and back, is told to wait outside. However, things go wrong as the ceremony progresses. Ryudo hears a scream coming from the tower and he rushes to the top floor. There he finds Tessa, one of the Sisters, who is badly injured. Tessa tells Ryudo to save the rest of the sisters before she dies. Ryudo enters the sealing room, but all of the sisters except Elena are dead. Elena herself has spread a pair of dark wings. Ryudo saves Elena and escapes from the tower. They return to Carbo Village.

This location is never revisited along with the rest of the Black Forest.


Enemy encountersEdit

Name Mottled Spider
Other locations Witt Forest Path | Inor Mountains
Health Points 250
Experience 8
Special Coins 15
Magic Coins 5
Gold 2
Item Drop Medicinal Herb | Slowpoke Nut
Moves/Magic Web Trap
Combinations Alone
Name Gargoyle
Other locations Liligue Cave
Health Points 380
Experience 18
Special Coins 54
Magic Coins 21
Gold 12
Item Drop Holy Ashes | Sword of Purity
Moves/Magic Howl | Howlslash
Combinations Alone | By twos


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