The party finds the bottle of nectar before the God of Light Shrine

The God of Light Mountain is a mountain range located near Luc Village on the Elencia continent in Grandia.

The mountain itself is named after the god worshiped by the local people and a shrine to the God is afixed to the mountains peak.

The base of the mountain is overrun with various hostile creatures, making the travel up the mountain dangerous. Visiting the shrine at the peak is often used as a rite of passage to gain acceptance among the local people.

The shrine itself is a fragment of the Spirit Stone which appears as green fissures upon the central stone. It is unknown whether or not the villagers know the true significance of the shrine.


After the party arrive in Luc. The chief of the village asks Justin, Sue and Feena to travel to the shrine atop the mountain and collect the sacred nectar that sits in front of the monument. By drinking this nectar they would be accepted by the God and therefore the village itself. The party set out immediately and collect the nectar defeating many hostile creatures on the way.

The following day, news spreads that the Garlyle Forces are attacking the shrine, in hearing the news, Justin and the party climb the mountain once more fighting several soldiers on the way. Once at the peak, the party find Leen air-lifting the shrine away. Justin attempts to jump to the stone but the stone shatters when the Justin's spirit stone segment activates and sends Justin falling into the forest below.




During Garlyle AttackEdit


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