Granas Knight
Granas Knight
Level HP MP SP
40 2430 0 0
90 150 0 200
Def Mov Act M.Def
246 45 104 137
Elemental Effectiveness
Blizzard II
Earth II
Explosion II
Fire II
- - - -
Forest II
Lightning II
Water II
Wind II
- - - -
Location St. Heim Papal State
Items Dropped Paladin Helm / Paladin Armor
Grandia II Boss

The Granas Knight is a boss from Grandia II. It is encountered in St. Heim Papal State. The Granas Knight appears alongside three other Granas Knights and does not have the ability to cast any special attacks.

Battle StrategyEdit

The Granas Knights are fairly easy to defeat because of their lack of any special attacks. They move extremely slowly around the battlefield which gives plenty of time to cancel their attacks.

Their magic resistance is a lot lower than their physical so using ranged magic will make this fight easier.

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