Grandia II Melodia

Grandia II: Melodia front cover

This CD was released by Game Arts on 3 August, 2000 as part of the Grandia II "Special Package", a limited edition of the import game on Dreamcast. It was met with negative reviews, especially when this music sample is compared to the actual score.


  1. Cançao de Povo - Little Shelter MIX - 6:55
  2. A Deus - Challenge to the Gods MIX - 4:52
  3. Digital Museum Radiodrama Opening - 0:20
  4. Gadwin's Art of Loving - 1:41
  5. Gadwin's Pad - 1:17
  6. Baal's Diary - 2:17
  7. Sample the Taste - 4:45

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