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This page lists the miscellaneous items obtainable in the original Grandia title.

Cherry Baobab Fruit (BAO FRUIT) Restores 10 SP to 1 friend
Leaf Bamboo Shoots (BAMBOO SH) Restores 20 HP to 1 friend Fresh
Cherry Bamo Fruit (BAM FRUIT) Restores 4 level 2 MP to 1 friend
Cherry Banana (BANANA) Restores 12 HP to 1 friend Sweet
Tonic Bandage (BANDAGE) Restores 50 HP to 1 friend
Steak Beef Jerky (BEEFJERKY) Restores 60 HP to 1 friend Salted
Scroll Blizzard Scroll (BLIZRD SC) 280 HP blizzard attack on all enemies
Tonic Blue Medicine (BLUE PILL) Restores 20 MP (all levels) to ally
Cherry Boiled Coconut (COCONUT) Restores 80 HP to 1 friend Local
Feather Bond of Trust (TRUST) Speeds up IP of 1 friend Permanent
Scroll BOOM! Scroll (BOOM! SCR) 120 HP explosion range attack
Bread Box of Sweets (SWEETS) Restores 10 HP to 1 friend Variety
Bread Chocolate (CHOCOLATE) Restores 40 HP to 1 friend Bitter
Bread Chocolate Cookies (COOKIES) Restores 80 HP to 1 friend Yummy
Leaf Cholla Flowers (CHOLLA) Restores 3 level 1 MP to 1 friend
Bread Coal Candy (COALCANDY) +2 attack for 1 friend Bitter
Tonic Crimson Potion (CRIM POTN) Restores 150 HP to entire party
Tonic Deep Blue Potion (BLUE POTN) Restores 20 MP (all levels) to party
Mushroom Dream Truffle (TRUFFLE) Confuse 1 enemy
Steak Dried Fish (DRY FISH) Restores 40 HP to 1 friend Sun-dried
Bomb Dynamite (DYNAMITE) 70 HP fire range attack
Ring Expensive Jewel (EXP JEWEL) Very valuable jewel No effects
Tonic First Aid Kit (FIRST AID) Restores 60 HP to party
Leaf Ginseng (GINSENG) Restores 40 HP to 1 friend Bitter
Tonic Golden Potion (GOLD POTN) Restores 30 SP to entire party
Leaf Herbs (HERBS) Restores 15 HP to 1 friend
Tonic Honey (HONEY) Restores 100 HP to 1 friend Fresh
Tonic Magic Lamp (MAGICLAMP) Restores 2 MP (all levels) Breakable
Manaegg Mana Egg (MANA EGG) Curious eggs used to buy magic
Scroll Move Breaker (MOV BREAK) Unblocks moves of 1 friend
Mushroom Move Mushroom (MOVE SHRM) +3 action for a range of friends
Tonic Panacea (PANACEA) Restores status of 1 friend
Tonic Paralysis Ointment (PARA OINT) Cures paralysis in 1 friend
Leaf Poison Antidote (ANTIDOTE) Cures poisoning of 1 friend
Mushroom Power Mushroom (POWR SHRM) +3 attack level for 1 friend
Tonic Red Medicine (RED PILL) Restores 200 HP to 1 friend
Tonic Resurrect Potion (RESU POTN) Revives 1 fallen friend
Tonic Revival Stone (REVIVAL) Revives fallen character once
Medal Root of Confusion (CONF ROOT) Confuse 1 enemy Not permanent
Leaf Smarna Weed (SMARNA) -1 defense for all enemies
Tonic Smelling Salts (SM SALTS) Cures confusion in 1 friend
Sack Soldier's Soul (SLDR SOUL) Stone used at Soldier's Graveyard
Scroll Spell Breaker (SPL BREAK) Unblocks magic of 1 friend
Tonic Spirit Potion (SP POTION) Restores 99 MP (all levels) to party
Steak Squid Guts (SQUID GUT) Restores 20 SP to 1 friend
Ring Tear Jewel (TEAR GEM) Restores 3 SP to one friend
Tonic Ultra Drink (ULT DRINK) Restores 20 SP to entire party
Tonic Vaccine (VACCINE) Cures plague of 1 friend
Leaf Weeds (WEEDS) Restores 1 HP to 1 friend Just grass
Leaf White Sulfa Weed (WHT SULFA) Restores 35 HP to 1 friend
Tonic Wound Salve (WOUND SAL) Restores 40 HP to 1 friend
Tonic Yellow Medicine (YEL PILL) Restores 30 SP to 1 friend

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