Grandia ReDux


Dark Luna
3.1, Complete 1.0 Demo (Disk 1) 3.0 (Disk 2)

Grandia ReDux is an unofficial patch of the PSX version of the original Grandia game. It is intended to change difficulty and other gameplay features to improve player's enjoyment of the game as a whole.

As of December 25th, 2013, Grandia ReDux can be classified in two different categories: Grandia ReDux 3.1, and Grandia ReDux Complete 1.0. ReDux 3.1 is the version which is covered in greatest detail in this article, and is effectively a "hard mode" mod for Grandia, whilst ReDux Complete 1.0 is an ongoing development designed to completely redesign the way the game is played.


The patch requires users to have a copies of the ISOs from the game disks and patch the files themselves. The game ISO can then be played via an emulator or burnt to disk and played on certain consoles.

The patch only works with the US version and does not work in conjunction with any other patches for example, Grandia Undub.


Grandia ReDux 3.1


  • Stronger enemies with altered experience gains and item drops
  • Gadwin can be defeated during his first challenge and drops Ancestor's Sword, a +Magic Sword
  • Enemies have different skill and magic moves


  • Most Moves/Magic now have different learning requirements so as to scale strength over the course of the game more effectively
  • Justin can now learn Defense-Loss


  • New rare items have been added into the game as well as altered statistics on many items
  • Certain enemies drop Mana Eggs and they may also be purchased from Luc Village for 4000 Gold

Grandia ReDux Complete 1.0


  • Characters now start with much higher HP and SP, at the cost of using more of both stat

    Characters in ReDux begin with higher base stats

  • New recovery system called "Invoke". Characters use 80-100 SP to cast Invoke, which in turn restores MP.
  • Greater emphasis on extended combat rather than burst damage to kill bosses as quickly as possible
  • Many spells removed and replaced with others
  • Spell tiers redefined. Level 1 Magic is now healing/support spells, Level 2 is basic offensive spells, Level 3 is advanced offensive spells
  • IN DEVELOPMENT: Various difficulty levels. The 1.0 Demo runs on Normal, Easy/Hard are still in development


  • Many Moves/Magic either changed or removed entirely. For instance, Justin no longer learns W-Break, and Shockwave is now Wind element. Basic skills such as V-Slash/Puffy Kick now have a 100% Critical rate
  • NEW SKILL: Invoke, Fire 1/Earth 1, SP cost 100, restores all levels of MP. Very long cast time
  • Many new Magic spells for all characters. Sue's basic Water spell is now Bubble, a Level 2 single-target damaging spell. Forest now also has a damaging spell


  • The majority of equipment now carries -MOVE, with emphasis on striking a balance between Defense and Movement. Many equips also now carry additional effects such as Fury and Psyche
  • All new equipment dropped by various enemies. Some are random drops from regular enemies, others are guaranteed drops from bosses

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