Halvah is a recurring Forest spell in Grandia. It often appears as a restorative Forest-elemental spell that cures a single target of all status ailments.



"Fully restores status of 1 friend."

Halvah is a Level 3 spell that is learned when a character's Water and Earth levels reach 19 and 16, respectively. Halvah removes all status ailments from one ally. It is the only spell that can cure several statuses, including Plague and Magic Block.

Grandia IIEdit

"Cures all status abnormalities."

Halvah is a Forest spell which cures an ally of all status ailments. It costs 24MP to cast and can be learned for an initial price of 200MC. It requires 900MC to grow to its maximum level.

Halvah can be learned from the Gravity, Soul and Fairy Eggs.

Grandia IIIEdit

"Restores a balance with nature."

Halvah is an Earth spell which cures all status ailments of a single ally. It costs 16MP to cast.

Halvah can be bought at the magic stores in Baccula Settlement and Raflid Town. It can be extracted from the Heal Egg.

Boost Level 0 Boost Level 1 Boost Level 2 Boost Level 3
Preparation Time 2 seconds 1.5 seconds 1 second 0.5 seconds

Grandia XtremeEdit

"Balance of nature. Cures all abnormalities."

Halvah is a spell that cures a single ally of all status ailments. It costs 32MP to cast. Halvah can be cast when a character is equipped with the Gravity, Crown, or Holy Egg. Halvah can be cast by Deava.