Fall of the Icarian City

The Icarian City shown during its downfall

The Icarian City is an ancient ruin of the Angelou civilization located underneath the eastern side of the East Elencia continent in Grandia. The city was once a thriving hub for the Icarians but has since become desolate and overrun with monsters.


After the failure in defeat Gaia with a cannon blast, Colonel Mullen and Feena head to the Icarian City in hope of finding a way to enter Gaia and defeat the monster from within. Meanwhile, after Justin obtained the Spirit Sword from the Spirit Sanctuary, he, along with Rapp and Liete head to the Icarian City via an entrance in the J-Base.

The party manage to find their way through the many ancient puzzles and encounter a Gaia Battler deep in the city. After defeating the monster they find Mullen and Feena surrounded by many other Gaia Battlers and unable to move. Justin executes a Heaven and Earth Cut and destroys them all at once.

Before Feena rejoins the party, Mullen challenges Justin to a duel to prove he is the man to defeat Gaia. After Justin defeats Mullen, the party of five head outside the Icarian City to a stone balcony before Mullen leaves and the party head inside Gaia.




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