Name Immortal Aura
Type Skill
Level Requirements Sword 20, Mace 25, Axe 22
SP Cost 45
Power (STR%) ---
Execute Time 30
Effect Damage immunity
Target Self
Critical Chance ---
IP Knockback ---
Experience Gain 10
Invincible Aura

Immortal Aura is a skill that Justin learns after obtaining high levels in all three of his weapon types.

When used by Justin, Immortal Aura encloses him within an aura which then protects him from all attacks for a brief period. He cannot be damaged, stunned or be inflicted with any status effects while under the effects of Immortal Aura. However, he can be debuffed.

Characters who learn this ability:

Immortal Aura

Justin under the effects of Immortal Aura

ReduxLogoChanges in ReDuxEdit


SP Cost 80

In Grandia ReDux, Immortal Aura is more expensive than before to use. However, it's still a very useful ability to protect Justin from powerful attacks.

Immortal Aura is a great alternative to Protection when neither Feena or Liete have the opportunity or mana to cast the spell on Justin. In addition, Immortal Aura can be used immediately when maxed out, and has a longer duration depending on the amount of skill power that Justin has through equipment. If Justin is about to be attacked with a powerful attack that would otherwise deal a lot of damage, Immortal Aura can prevent it.

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