Justin speaks to his father in the family pictures.

"An adventurer's health is his greatest asset"
―Lilly (Quoting Justin's Father)[src]

Justin's father is a minor historical character from Grandia. He was a famous adventurer who died when Justin was a young boy. He is Justin's role model.


The earliest Justin's father is spoken of is the night he met Lilly the Skull, a pirate and his future wife. He was traveling on a ship when Lilly attacked the vessel and attempted to take the Spirit Stone he had around his neck. The adventurer's obstinance was apparently enough to inspire the pirate to give up her life of crime on the spot.

Justin's father continued to explore after the birth of his son and after his wife settled down in Parm working and living in the Seagull Restaurant. He traveled to distant lands and brought back trinkets of his travels to those in Parm. The most interesting of which was Puffy, a strange flying creature, which he gifted to the young Sue.

It can be assumed that Justin's Father died on an adventure as Justin only heard word of his father's death and was not there to see him.

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