Snowy Laine Village

Laine is a snowy village to the west of the mountains on the continent of Eastern Elencia. It is geographically located near the Rainbow Springs and Brinan Plateau.


The Lainians have always been thought of as being very impractical people with impractical ways. They are characterized by their strong and muscular physique and are seamlessly ruled by this unique stereotype. In other words, the stronger citizens get the most respect; due to this fact, the men are often the central gubernatorial force in the village. Most of them often gloat about their physcial prowess if given the chance. As Milda suggests earlier before the player arrives, many of the citizens use forms of exercise to cure certain illnesses. It can be learned that the village relies mostly on hunting and scavenging, with the primary form of nutrition coming from the consumption of wildlife around the area. The staple diet is therefore comprised primarily of meat.

The male and female sexes of Laine are very different. They both begin with very much the same humanoid form during childhood.

When the males "come of age" they sprout horns of knowledge and take on a more "bovine" form - depicting them as walking, talking bisons. There are three Wise Men of Laine, who are the most intelligent of all.

The women however stay in the same form but grow strong and powerful - they are masters of heavy weapons such as the axe but can use their fists equally as well.


Justin visits Laine with Milda, a Lainian woman, because they want to speak with the Wise Men about Alent. Milda is married to one of the Wise Men, Darlin, but the expert on Alent is Dorlin who has lost one of his horns of knowledge in the Abandoned Laine Village which was consumed and twisted by Gaia. Justin must retrieve the horn of knowlegde in order to learn the entry point to Alent from Dorlin.

Interactive MapEdit

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