The Lainians are a race of humanoids from Grandia. Lainians are born in the snowy mountain village of Laine on the East Elencia continent.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Both genders of adult Lainian appear very differently, although as children they look very similar. This is due to a level of physical and intellectual growth a male Lainian goes through as he ages.

Female LainiansEdit

Lainian Female (2)
Lainian females are far more muscular than their male counterparts. They have pointed ears like many Elencian humanoids and are often seen wearing thick fur clothes due to the cold weather of Laine. Female Lainians are known for their violent tempers and inability to hold in their emotions, this is shown many times during the game including when the Lainian Milda ferociously attacks Rapp upon their meeting at the Tower of Doom. Despite their bad tempers, female Lainians are very loving towards their partners and Milda often shows a motherly side to her.

Male LainiansEdit

Male Lainians are much more intelligent than the females residents. They are very wise about many topics, none more so than ancient Angelou. The Wise men of Laine are also the gatekeepers of the city of Alent, they will only reveal their true identities to those worthy of a passage to the city.

Male Lainians go through a physical and intellectual growth in life that begins when the Lainian is a child. Lainian children look very similar, regardless of gender but when the time is right, a male Lainian will rapidly grow horns and morph into a bipedal bovine. This is shown in three stages, the final of which is considered to be an adult male Lainian.

Notable LainiansEdit


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