Leck Mines

Justin & Sue encountering an Orc deep in Leck Mines

The Leck Mines are a network of disused shafts located in the south of the Messina continent in Grandia. The Parm Steamer travels past the mines and terminates somewhere in the south of Messina.

The adventurer Java is the only resident of the area and lives in a house near the entrance of the mines.


In his quest to obtain a pass to ride the Steamer, Justin along with Sue travel to the Leck Mines to meet Java in the hope of receiving one. In a meeting with Java inside his home, Justin is tasked with a trial in which he complete to earn the pass to the New World.

Tired of being disturbed by the constant noise from monsters, Java asks Justin and Sue to head into mines and defeat the boss and return. Justin and Sue battle their way through the mines and finally encounter the Orc King deep within the mines. After defeating the Orc King, the mines begin to collapse, Java returns in a cable cart and the trio escape riding the cart all the way out of the mines just before the mines cave in.

For succeeding in the trial, Java rewards Justin with the Steamer Pass to gain passage to the New World. In addition, he informs Justin that "An adventurer walks alone" before allowing Justin and Sue to travel home to Parm.




Interactive MapEdit

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