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Liligue Cave is a location in Grandia II. It can be accessed through a hatch near Gadan's house in Liligue City.


Ryudo and his party enter Liligue Cave in search for the cause of the mysterious illness that has befallen the inhabitants of Liligue City. At the entrance Mareg scents an evil smell, suggesting Melfice might be the villain behind the so-called curse.

As they venture deeper into the caves they find the ruins of an old temple - and in the centre a seal of Granas. A gigantic creature appears, which Ryudo identifies as a possessed Gadan. The creature swallows Elena.

While the others are still shocked, Millenia reappers and frees herself from the creature. She insists on following the fleeing Gadan deeper into the temple, where she, Ryudo, Roan and Mareg fight and beat him.

After the battle Millenia uses some strange power on Gadan, that retransforms him to his human self, but leaves him unconcious. The party take him back to his home.



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