The following is a list of accessories from Grandia. Almost all accessories can be equipped by every character although there are some that can only be equipped by certain characters.

Stat BoostsEdit


Accessories that increase the wearer's attack.

Accessory Boost Description Buy Sell Location
Ring Jade Charm +2 Jade Necklace. - 100 Feena's Initial Equipment
Ring Titan's Ring +5 Has a curious design. 2000 1000 Milda's Initial Equipment/Zil Padon
Ring Combat Anklet +20 Effuses power. 4000 2000 Field Base


Accessories that increase the wearer's defense.

Accessory Boost Description Buy Sell Location
Ring Rune Ring +1 Slows IP loss. - 50 Sult Ruins
Charm Mama's Amulet +2 Sue's emotional support. - 50 Sue's Initial Equipment
Ring Iridescent Amulet +10 Rainbow coloured, pretty. 1800 900 Cafu
Ring Ring of Protection +10 Prevents damage below 20. 10000 5000 Cheat Device
Ring Amulet of Relief +15 Restores HP in combat. 7000 3500 Field Base

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