This page lists the obtainable armour in the original Grandia title. Some of the armor here can only be worn by certain gendered characters in the game.
Coat Adventure Clothes (ADVENTURE) +2 defense Common adventure clothes --- 20 Initial Equipment: Justin
Coat Angel's Robe (ANGL ROBE) +33 defense Restores HP in combat --- 14,900 Find: Icarian City (3)
Coat Apron (APRON) +1 defense Dirty apron --- --- Receive: Parm
Armor Aura Armor (ARA ARMOR) +35 defense +1 skill power level 20,000 10,000 Buy: Zil Padon, Zil Padon Ruins
Armor Bamboo Armor (BMB ARMOR) +6 defense Surprisingly strong 360 180 Buy: New Parm
Coat Battle Bikini (B BIKINI) +10 defense +4 attack Sexy --- 1,000 Initial Equipment: Milda
Armor Breastplate (BRSTPLATE) +6 defense Iron breastplate --- 180 Initial Equipment: Feena
Armor Cactus Armor (CACT ARMR) +21 defense +3 move block resistance --- 1,500 Find: North Zil Desert
Coat Chain Mail (CHAIN MAL) +19 defense Combat attire of Cafu 5,100 2,550 Buy: Cafu
Armor Chameleon Armor (CHM ARMOR) +18 defense May warp when damaged 5300 2,650 Buy: Cafu; Drop: Chameleon
Armor Dark Armor (DRK ARMOR) +22 defense Restores SP when damaged --- 6,500 Find: Castle of Dreams (Cemetary)
Coat Devil's Robe (DEVL ROBE) 32 defense +2 magic resistance 23,000 11,500 Buy: Zil Padon Ruins
Coat Enchantress' Robe (ENCH ROBE) +23 defense +1 against all magic --- 3,000 Initial Equipment: Liete
Coat Fairy Robe (FARY ROBE) +10 defense +2 anti-confusion/sleep 1,800 900 Buy: Luc Village
Coat Flying Dragon Vest (DRGN VEST) +14 defense +2 anti-fire level 3,000 1,500 Buy: Gumbo
Coat Frog Shirt (FROG SHRT) +10 defense +1 anti-water level 2,500 1,250 Buy: Gumbo
Coat Mink Coat (MINK COAT) +25 defense +5 blizzard resistance 8,000 4,000 Buy: Laine
Coat Mogay Clothes (MOGAY CLO) +30 defense Worn only by Guido --- 3,150 Initial Equipment: Guido
Coat Officer's Uniform (O UNIFORM) +9 defense Nicer than a soldier's --- 400 Find: Garlyle Base Barracks
Armor Outdated Armor (OLD ARMOR) +4 defense Antique armor --- 80 Find: Sult Ruins (B2)
Armor Plug Suit (PLUG SUIT) +21 defense +15 action --- 3,200 Find: Tower of Doom (3rd Floor)
Coat Robe of the Sun (SUN ROBE) +45 defense Slows IP loss --- 17,500 Find: Gaia (4)
Armor Shell Armor (SHL ARMOR) +8 defense Protective shell armor --- 320 Find: Dom Ruins; Drop: Ganymede
Armor Skull Armor (SKL ARMOR) +15 defense Made of bone 3,300 1,650 Buy: Dight
Coat Soldier's Uniform (S UNIFORM) +7 defense Sturdy military uniform --- 250 Find: Garlyle Base Barracks
Armor Spirit Armor (SPT ARMOR) +55 defense Restores HP in combat --- 30,000 Find: Gaia (3)
Coat Sportswear (SPORTS WR) +4 defense Body-fitting clothes 150 75 Buy: Parm, Steamer
Coat Spy Clothes (SPY CLOTH) +10 defense Stiff --- 800 Initial Equipment: Rapp
Coat Sunday Best (SUN BEST) +2 defense Sue's favorite clothes --- 20 Initial Equipment: Sue
Armor Swordfish Armor (FSH ARMOR) +12 defense Swordfish scale armor 2,100 1,050 Buy: Dight
Armor Thick Armor (THK ARMOR) +12 defense Strong and thick armor --- 850 Initial Equipment: Gadwin
Armor Warrior's Mail (WAR MAIL) +32 defense +3 move block resistance 10,000 5,000 Find: Grandeur (Passageway); Buy: Field Base
Coat Work Clothes (WORKCLOTH) +3 defense Thick clothes --- 45 Find: Leck Mines (1)

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