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This page lists the helmets obtainable in the original Grandia title.

Cap Angel's Hat (ANGEL HAT) +23 defense Restores HP in attacks --- 26,000 Initial Equipment: Liete
Ribbon Barrette (BARRETTE) +3 defense Feena's favorite --- 45 Initial Equipment: Feena
Helmet Battle Helm (BATL HELM) +23 defense +3 magic block resist 5,500 2,750 Buy: Field Base; Drop: Combatant
Helm Cactus Helm (CACT HELM) +13 defense +3 magic block resist --- 500 Drop: Cactus Man
Helmet Charisma Helm (???) +26 defense; +30 action 23,800 11,900 Buy: Field Base
Cap Climbing Hat (CLIMB HAT) +5 defense Made of fur 400 200 Buy: Luc Village
Cap Cowboy Hat (COWBY HAT) +4 defense Wide-brimmed hat 160 80 Buy: New Parm
Helmet Death Mask (DETH MASK) +26 defense Slows IP loss --- 1,500 Find: Castle of Dreams; Drop: Pteranobone
Ribbon Fairy Tiara (TIARA) +35 defense Prevents damage below 20 --- 500 Find: Tower of Temptation (Roof)
Cap Feathered Turban (TURBAN) +13 defense Has pretty feathers 2,000 1,000 Buy: Zil Padon; Initial Equipment: Guido
Ribbon Fluffy Ribbon (FL RIBBON) +2 defense Has a fluffy ornament 40 20 Buy: Parm
Cap Goggles (GOGGLES) +2 defense Justin's favorite --- 50 Initial Equipment: Justin
Cap Headgear (HEADGEAR) +7 defense Rapp's favorite --- 250 Initial Equipment: Rapp
Helm Holy Crown (HOLYCROWN) +38 defense Slows IP loss --- 500 Find: Tower of Temptation (Roof)
Ribbon Iron Bandana (BANDANA) +8 defense A gift from Darlin --- 300 Initial Equipment: Milda
Helm Iron Pot (IRON POT) +1 defense Battered pot --- --- Find: Parm
Ribbon Man's Headband (HEADBAND) +28 defense +15 attack Men only --- 5,000 Drop: Leviathan
Helm Mystic Mask (MYST MASK) +17 defense Slows IP loss 4,000 2,000 Find: Tower of Temptation (1st Floor); Buy: Zil Padon Ruins
Cap Odd Hat (ODD HAT) +11 defense Warps during attacks --- 1,500 Find: Twin Towers (South)
Helmet Ogre Helm (OGRE HELM) +20 defense -10 move Has horns 4,000 2,000 Find: Abandoned Laine Village (Warp Space 2); Buy: Laine
Helm Pearl Helmet (PERL HELM) +7 defense A pretty helmet 700 350 Buy: Dight
Cap Pirate's Hat (PIRATEHAT) +4 defense Has a skull & crossbones --- 80 Find: Ghost Ship Mid Deck
Helm Pirate's Helmet (PIRATHELM) +12 defense Ominous --- 600 Initial Equipment: Gadwin
Cap Pope's Hat (POPE HAT) +28 defense Slows IP loss --- 15,000 Find: Underground Railway Ruins (2)
Ribbon Ribbon (RIBBON) +1 defense Not much protection --- 5 Initial Equipment: Sue
Helm Safety Helmet (SAFE HELM) +3 defense Construction helmet --- 45 Find: Leck Mines (2)
Helmet Spirit Helmet (SPT HELM) +42 defense Prevents sudden death --- 22,500 Find: Icarian City (2)
Helm Stone Head (STONEHEAD) +9 defense Don't fall if attacked 1,400 700 Buy: Gumbo
Cap Swallowtail Hat (SWALO HAT) +12 defense +3 confusion resistance 2,500 1,250 Buy: Cafu; Drop: Sweet Moth

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