Shields are equippable by all party members in Grandia, with some notable exceptions for Liete. Shields serve to defend, but are also often used to guard against status effects and elemental damage.

Gauntlet Alligator Gauntlet (A GANTLET) +12 defense Light and strong --- 1,150 Initial Equipment: Rapp
Buckler Cutting Board (CUT BOARD) +1 defense Smells fishy --- 5 Initial Equipment: Justin
Gauntlet Dragon Gauntlet (D GANTLET) +5 defense Made of dragon skin --- 200 Initial Equipment: Gadwin
Shield Escargot Shield (ES SHIELD) +7 defense Snail shell 750 375 Buy: Luc Village
Gauntlet Gauntlets (GAUNTLETS) +20 defense +10 attack A knight's --- 4,500 Find: Castle of Dreams (Cemetary)
Gauntlet Gauntlets of Light (L GANTLET) +25 defense +1 all magic resistance --- 20,000 Find: Spirit Sanctuary (1), Icarian City (4)
Buckler Heavy Shield (HV SHIELD) +23 defense -20 move Heavy --- 2,850 Find: Soldier's Graveyard
Shield Lafa Flower Shield (LA SHIELD) +19 defense +1 magic power level 18,000 9,000 Buy: Cafu
Shield Leaf Shield (LE SHIELD) +12 defense +2 poison resistance 3,000 1,500 Find: Virgin Forest (4); Buy: Cafu
Gauntlet Leather Gloves (LT GLOVES) +2 defense Leather gloves 80 40 Buy: Parm, Steamer; Initial Equipment: Feena
Gauntlet Magic Gloves (MG GLOVES) +20 defense Pure white, finely made --- 200 Initial Equipment: Liete
Buckler MagicMirror Shield (MG SHIELD) +13 defense Returns normal attacks 8,000 4,000 Buy: Gumbo
Buckler Moonlight Shield (MN SHIELD) +21 defense +2 blizzard resistance 5,700 2,850 Find: Tower of Temptation (8th Floor); Buy: Zil Padon
Shield Mushroom Shield (MU SHIELD) +9 defense +1 plague resistance --- 500 Find: Mt. Typhoon
Buckler Oaken Shield (OK SHIELD) +3 defense Shield made of oak --- 65 Find: Leck Mines (2)
Buckler Pot Lid (POT LID) +1 defense Worn out pot lid --- --- Find: Parm
Buckler Power Shield (PW SHIELD) +10 defense +7 attack Powerful --- 1,250 Initial Equipment: Milda
Shield Seashell Shield (SE SHIELD) +8 defense Shield made of seashells 960 480 Buy: Dight
Shield Shell Shield (SH SHIELD) +5 defense Turticamel shell shield 250 125 Find: Underground Passage; Buy: New Parm
Buckler Spirit Shield (SP SHIELD) +45 defense +4 all status resistance --- 27,500 Find: Icarian City
Gauntlet Woolen Mittens (MITTENS) +1 defense Cute mittens --- 5 Initial Equipment: Sue

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