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This is a list of shoes available in the original Grandia

Shoe Air Sneakers (A SNEAKER) +48 move Extremely comfortable 90 45 Buy: Parm, Steamer
Boot Army Boots (ARMY BOOT) +2 defense +15 move GI boots --- 350 Find: Garlyle Base Barracks
Boot Battle Boots (BAT BOOT) +20 defense Prevents sudden death 4,800 2,400 Buy: Field Base
Shoe Beach Sandals (BEACH SAN) +15 move Worn all the time --- 250 Initial Equipment: Milda
Shoe Crampons (CRAMPONS) +8 defense +10 move For walks --- 7,000 Find: North Brinan Plateau
Shoe Curious Clogs (ODD CLOGS) +3 defense Warps when damaged 1,000 500 Buy: Luc Village
Shoe Dragon Boots (DRGN BOOT) +4 defense +5 move Fits nicely 640 320 Buy: Dight; Initial Equipment: Gadwin
Heel Dress Shoes (DRES SHOE) +30 action Itty-bitty shoes --- 35 Initial Equipment: Sue
Shoe Glass Slippers (SLIPPERS) +30 action +20 movement For women --- 7,500 Find: Tower of Temptation (8th Floor)
Boot Heavy Boots (HVY BOOTS) +10 defense Sturdy 2,000 1,000 Buy: Zil Padon, Zil Padon Ruins
Boot Hunter's Boots (HUNT BOOT) +1 defense +30 move Uncomfortable 200 100 Buy: New Parm
Shoe Iron Clogs (IRON CLOG) +13 defense -20 move Heavy 1,500 750 Find: Abandoned Laine Village (Warp Space 3); Buy: Laine
Boot Leather Greaves (LT GREAVE) +1 defense +17 move Leather --- 50 Initial Equipment: Feena
Boot Lion Boots (LION BOOT) +26 defense +18 movement A king's --- 10750 Find: Icarian City (3)
Boot Mach 1 Boots (MACH BOOT) +5 defense +30 move 2,000 1,000 Buy: Gumbo
Shoe Ninja Sandals (NINJA SAN) +5 defense +20 action 700 350 Initial Equipment: Rapp; Buy: Cafu
Boot Ogre Boots (OGRE BOOT) +8 defense Demon shoes 2,000 1,000 Buy: Laine
Shoe Queen Heels (QUEENHEEL) Blocks killer moves during attacks 5,000 2,500 Buy: Zil Padon, Zil Padon Ruins
Shoe Rabbit Shoes (RABT SHOE) +5 defense +30 action Mogay shoes --- 2,000 Initial Equipment: Guido
Shoe Rainbow High Heels (HIGHHEELS) +5 defense Warps when damaged --- 2,500 Initial Equipment: Liete
Boot Rubber Boots (RUBR BOOT) +1 defense +20 move New --- 45 Find: Leck Mines (1)
Shoe Shiny Shoes (SHIN SHOE) +35 move Polished to a shine 50 25 Buy: Parm; Find: Sult Ruins
Shoe Sneakers (SNEAKERS) +35 move Comfortable 0 25 Initial Equipment: Justin
Shoe Spirit Shoes (SPT SHOES) +30 defense +50 movement Best shoes --- 25,000 Find: Spirit Sanctuary (1)
Shoe Warp Shoes (WARP SHOE) Warps during attacks --- 2,500 Find: Underground Ruins (1)
Boot Winged Boots (WING BOOT) +7 defense +35 move With wings 5,000 2,500 Buy: Cafu
Boot Wolf Boots (WOLF BOOT) +10 defense +40 movement Warm --- 8,000 Find: Abandoned Laine Village (Warp Space 3)

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