Name Lotus Cut
Japanese Name 紅蓮剣 (Gurenken) "Crimson Lotus Blade"
Type Skill
Level Requirements Sword 12, Fire 8
SP Cost 32
Power (STR%) 350
Execute Time 120
Element Fire
Effect None
Target Single
Critical Chance 60%
IP Knockback 8500
Experience Gain 40
Lotus Cut
Lotus Cut is a skill that Justin learns after learning Fire magic and increasing his expertise with the sword.

Lotus Cut is not only powerful, but also inflicts Fire elemental damage, therefore dealing additional damage to those who are weak to Fire.

Characters who learn this ability:


ReduxLogoChanges in ReDuxEdit


SP Cost 40
Execute Time 60
Critical Chance 40%
IP Knockback 3500
Experience Gain 20

In Grandia ReDux, Lotus Cut retains its high damage output, but doesn't have as much of an impact in IP stun. However, it's much faster to execute at lower levels.

Lotus Cut is very powerful when targeting an enemy who is weak to Fire or magic in general. However, the opposite is true for when your enemy is strong to Fire. With proper use, Lotus Cut will be more powerful than Justin's other physical abilities.

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